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all 3-in-1 formula

1)  CoQ10

2)  EDTA

3)  Nattokinase

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Enjoy life, Take care of your heart

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peter’s story


I loved junk food.  I ate scrambled eggs and pancakes in the morning , pork fried rice with half chicken for lunch, and McDonald Double Quarter Pound burger with fries at night.  I did this for several years.  In fact, I became known as  “Mr #4” at McDonald’s because the Double Quarter Pound meal was “#4” on its menu.


But suddenly, I got very sick.  I couldn’t sleep.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.  I urinated every two minutes, and have severe headache everyday.  And despite the prescriptions I got from my doctor, my chest pains continued.  My blood pressure was 170/100.  I couldn’t stretch my left arm.  Nothing the doctors did worked! 

So I came to terms with the fact that my life was practically over…until a friend told me to try HeartAll3.  I reluctantly did. 

The difference was night and day.   After two weeks on the supplements.  To my surprise, the headaches stopped.  My blood pressure returned to 100/70. my sleep issues went away.  Suddenly, I found myself running  6 miles an hour on the treadmill.  My life changed for the better.  I thank God everyday for HeartAll3! 


It was so good that I sent 6 bottles home to two of my uncles.  One of whom has been suffering from the effects of a major health problem he suffered 10 years earlier.  After 30 days on HeartAll3, he was able to swing his left arm again and did not need a cane anymore.  The other who has been suffering from a heart issue for years.  After being on HeartAll3 for 3 weeks, he has no more trouble walking around by himself without help.  HeartAll3 has made so much difference in my life and my family that the only thing I can say is thank God for HeartAll3.
  - Peter, New York City

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