What is nattokinase?

Nattokinase is  a cheese-like food that is made of soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtili

BENEFITS OF nattokinase

  • helps reduce blood clots 

  • increase life-expectancy

  • improves cardiovascular health

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 The Japanese and other Asian populations have some of the highest life-expectancy rates in the world.  This high life-expectancy has been attributed to their diet, and one of the crucial foods is Nattokinase (or sometimes simply called “Natto”). 

Further research into the Natto meals led to the discovery of a fibrinolytic enzyme, which is the most active ingredient of the meals and with multiple health benefits.  The enzyme is nattokinase.  Since then, numerous studies have been conducted on nattokinase, and it has been determined that the enzyme has a microbial origin as well as multiple health benefits.
The health benefits of nattokinase are mainly due to its antithrombotic activity and fibrinolytic activity.  The two activities have given nattokinase multiple cardiovascular health benefits. It has different actions related to the cardiovascular system, and its supplementation in people with cardiovascular conditions has led to improved quality of life. It is antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic, and antiplatelet/anticoagulant.  It also has lipid-lowering action, which is essential in cardiovascular health.  The supplementation of nattokinase in individuals has led to increased markers of fibrinolysis and anticoagulation, which translates to a reduction in blood pressure and atherosclerosis.  The inhibition of platelet aggregation and thrombosis also have a neuroprotective effect.


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